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Zoo's on Top?

  • 1999

Looking to sharpen deductive reasoning and logic skills? Then take a trip to the zoo! Each player gets 6 plastic animal tiles and 6 matching cardboard tiles. Secretly, slide the six plastic tiles into your zoo tower in any order you want. Then, prepare your brain for a ruckus of zooLOGICal fun!

Taking turns, players ask each other yes or no questions to try and determine the order of their opponent's animals. Whoever can crack the code first wins the game! This is a similar game play as guess who but can be a bit more complicated to determine the correct order. 


Ages 5-12
2 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
5-10 Minutes per Game



2 zoo towers with bases and frames, 12 plastic animal tiles, 12 cardboard solution tiles, instructions. 


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