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Word Q

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Looking for a good, single person game to keep your student occupied? This game (or is it a puzzle?) is up to the challenge. Starting with a set-up card, you place letter tiles to match either a 3x3, 4x3, or 4x4 puzzle. Then reorder them to make words across and down in all directions. Start as a Beginner and end up as a Pro with Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert levels in between. The 45 letter tiles are plastic (¾" x ¾" and ¼" thick) but have a nice thick and heavy.
If your student get stuck on a puzzle, look in the answer book and give them a hint (a word or two). This can give them a new angle and help them arrive at success.
There are 40 puzzle set-up cards, color-coded as to difficulty. A small booklet provides answers.

Ages 8+
Single Player
5 Minutes to Learn
5 + Minutes to Play

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