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Word Golf

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The word game where fun is par for the course!

Get ready to tee off on this challenging Word Golf course! How many words will it take you to complete a hole? If you’re attempting a tee shot, you’ll need a word of several letters. If you’re chipping or putting, a shorter word will do. Either way, all your words must start and end with letters rolled from the 30-sided die! The goal is simple – complete each hole with as few strokes as possible. Your strokes are calculated by the number of words it takes you to finish the hole. The hole is not finished until you reach the flagstick, but don’t overshoot the hole. Can you come up with the words you’ll need to break par? You can play against the course or compete stroke-for-stroke against your friends! Whether you’re an avid golfer or not, Word Golf will be fun for you!

This game comes in a cute little bag and makes an impressive gift.

Ages 13+
1-8 Players
8 Minutes to Learn
20-30 Minutes to Play

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