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Word Construction

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Word Construction

Word Construction gives you all the right tools to create and build new words, isolate vowel sounds, and so much more. Get started on heavy-duty word building—with a twist!

Each student should get 1 bolt and 5 nuts (2 green, and 1 each of orange, blue, and purple).


• Mix and match the nuts in different order. Can you make real words regardless of how you arrange the nuts on the bolt? Why or why not?

• Start with 3-letter C-V-C (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. Line up the first consonant nut on the track of the bolt; then, slide the nut all the way to the left. Now, slide a green nut (vowel), followed by the third nut (conso- nant). Twist the letters to make a word. Say the word out loud, sounding out each letter (for example, Cat: “Ccccc-aaaaa-tttttt”). Twist again, with either the beginning, middle or ending letter, to make a new word. Repeat to continue making new words, saying them aloud as you make them.

• Letters of a word go in a specific order. Make a word, say it aloud, and then twist the first nut to make a new word. Notice the pattern: changing the first letter makes a new word that rhymes. Continue twisting to create new rhyming words. How many of these words are silly? How many are real?

• Make a word and say it aloud. Keep twisting either the beginning, middle, or ending letter (sound) to make new words. Be sure to say the new words aloud. For example, you can change rat to ran, and then can, cat, and cut!

• After mastering 3-letter words, try making 4-letter words, including words with a silent e and vowel combinations.

Note: to put a nut onto the bolt, line up the nub on the inside rim of the nut with the horizontal track on the bolt. Then, slide the nut all the way to the left.

36-Piece set includes:
• 6 Bolts
• 30 Nuts (12 green vowels; 18 orange, blue and purple consonants)

Ages 5+ (PreK+)


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