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Where's Bear?

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Where's Bear offers a variety of play options for you and your 2 or 3 year-old. You can play by hiding the little wooden bear inside one of the "rooms" and letting them find it. You can do this at many different levels from just lifting boxes to find the bear, or take turns giving hints as to where the bear might be hiding. You can also tell stories about bear going around his house and having an adventure. Make sequences by lining up the boxes in size order, nesting the boxes or hiding the bear inside several nested boxes.
Each box also has four objects that are pictured on the top of its box. You can encourage your child to play eye-spy for each of the items.

Where's Bear? game is part of a collection of simple games that encourage meaningful moments of connection between you and your toddler. Other games in this collection include Bunny Bedtime and Monkey Around.
See instructions here.

Ages 2+
2 or more players
2 Minutes to Learn
10 Minutes to Play


6 Sturdy Stacking Boxes
1 Wooden Bear

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