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Waterworks has been around since 1972! If a game can stay in print that is pretty good!
Your faucet valve needs a spout, but along the way, there are all sorts of leaks and cracks making a mess! That elbow pipe needs caulking; that T-joint is cracked; that straight pipe is spewing water in your face! 

Pull out your pipe wrench! Tighten pipes to stop them leaking. Replace them as needed. 

Just when you think you've got it under control, your opponent adds a bend that's seen better days, forcing you to take reparative measures! 

This classic card game might have you consulting professionals as you build up and around problem joints; fix with your wrenches, and replace pipes. However you connect the valve to the spout, make sure you're the first plumber to complete your pipeline, leak-free! 

Classic Waterworks
  • A pipeline building card game
  • Strengthens planning, strategy, and problem solving skills
  • Encourages social interaction and rule following
  • Build, connect, and stop those leaks!
  • A classic 1972 leaky-pipe pipeline building card game
  • Includes 110 pipe cards, 8 metal wrenches
  • Illustrated instructions included 

    Ages 8+
    2-5 Players
    5 Minutes to Learn
    15 Minutes

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