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Under the Sea Shells

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Bring word problems to life (and make them concrete!) with clam shells and fun little crab and sea-star counters! Perfect way to practice addition, subtraction, and finding the missing number.

Includes 40 double-sided word problem cards (80 word problems), 4 clam shells, and 80 counters (40 crabs and 40 sea stars both in 2 colors).

Clams measure 5"L x 4"W x 1.5"H.

Grades: 1+

    Level 1-Works problems up to 10
    Example: 8 Crabs were eating lunch beside the clam shell. 3 left to go play. How many crabs are still eating?
    Level 2-Works problems up to 20
    Example: 13 starfish and 5 crabs hid under the clam shell. How many sea creatures were hiding under there?
    Level 3-More complex
    Example: There are 6 fewer starfish than crabs playing under the clam shell. There are 8 starfish. How many crabs are playing?

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