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Timeline Science and Discoveries

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Players test their facts and good reasoning skills with this card game that is all about science and discoveries! Some of these discoveries include: the discovery of Easter Island, the discovery of the modern anatomy, and the discovery of the X-ray.

Each player places five cards in front of them. The side facing up will show a picture of an invention and its name. The side facing down will be a duplicate of the information but will also include the date in which this science or discovery related event or item happened.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to correctly place all of his cards correctly in the chronological line of cards in the playing area. On a player's turn, he/she will select one of their cards and attempt to correctly place it in the correct location on the table between, or before or after the other cards already in play. If successful, leave the card in the playing area. If the dates say your guess was wrong, discard the invention card and draw a new card.

The game is full of clever fun!




Timeline Science and Discoveries – History contains 110 double-sided cards and a rule book.

The cards in this game are not of a regular playing card size. This makes the print on each small, but gives players room to place a long line of cards across a smaller area of table.
*Please note also that some evolutionary ideas are included with this set of Timeline, given the subject matter. There is a card for the invention of the Big Bang Theory, for example.

Ages 8+ 
2-8 Players 
3 Minutes to Learn 
15 Minutes to Play

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