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Ticket To Ride Netherland

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 Note: This game is an expansion and will require the trains and train cards from either Ticket to Ride (USA map) or the Ticket to Ride European Map.

This follows the principles of the basic Ticket to Ride game on a special board with special cards and rules. The object of the game is to gain the most points by travelling various routes and outwitting other players. You will need the train pieces and the train cards from either the US or Europe base games (or you can buy them from the Days of Wonder shop.

There is an extra set of Tourist cards for the cities, each with a value to be earned by visiting that city. These cards are dealt/picked up alongwith tickets in the same quantity and with the same 'keep/dispose' rules.There are also up to 9 bonuses for the end-of-game scoring.

The board does not have any grey tracks or parallel tracks (though there some 'lucky' cards in with the Tourist cards which offer this facility) - but you can travel by air, BNG express or Rotterdam light railway for extra advantage.

There are many new options in the rules: run 2 routes into 1, exchange all your cards at the start but keep all the new ones: discard 5 cards and pick up 5 new ones, as your turn: and many more. You can also call time when your wagon stock reaches 3, if you want, giving you the advantage of stopping other players completing tickets.

Ages 8+ 
2-4 (6) Players  
20 Minutes to Learn
60-90 Minutes to Play

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