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Ticket To Ride India Map Collection 2

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The India Map Collection 2 for Ticket to Ride includes two different map expansions. One is India where players will tour the densely populated land of India in the year 1911. The second is Switzerland specifically designed to be a 2 or 3 player game discovering the challenging geography with its verdant valleys and mountain passes, as well as the charm of its neighboring countries. Player's will have the opportunity to travel to the major towns of Switzerland as well as step into her neighboring countries.

The India and Switzerland games are very quick to learn provided that you already have experience with the base game of either Ticket to Ride USA or Ticket to Ride Europe and adds new life to the series!! Take a look at the rulebooks: India or Switzerland.
Ticket to Ride India IS AN EXPANSION game and you MUST have the trains and cards from the original Ticket to Ride USA or Ticket to Ride Europe.

Ages 8+ 
2-4 Players  
10 Minutes to Learn
40-60 Minutes to Play if Everyone is Assertive

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