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Ticket To Ride Europa 1912 Expansion

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Upgrade your ticket with exciting new routes to the great rail destinations of Europe and add fresh new gameplay to all versions of Ticket to Ride with Warehouses and Depots!

The Ticket to Ride Europa 1912 expansion for the Ticket to Ride series includes 101 Destination Tickets - the 46 original tickets, plus 55 new ones that enable 3 new variants to the Ticket to Ride Europe map: Europe Expanded, which adds 19 new routes to the original 46; Big Cities of Europe, with tickets to 9 major European cities; and Mega Europe, which uses all the new routes as well as the 46 original Destination Tickets.

This expansion also introduces Warehouses & Depots - new game rules and pieces that create an additional strategic layer and can be played with any of the Ticket to Ride maps. Wooden Train Depots are placed on cities selected by each player. Throughout the game, each player's Warehouse will accumulate Train cards and those who have the foresight, clever timing, or just plain good fortune to build a route to a Depot can make off with a fistful of Train cards. Depot placement and skillful Warehouse tactics become a key part of a winning Ticket to Ride strategy!

Ticket to Ride Europa IS AN EXPANSION game and you MUST have the trains and cards from the original Ticket to Ride Europe to play with the 101 Destination Tickets. However the Warehouses & Depots portion of this expansion are able to combine with ANY of the full version stand alone games.
Take a look at the rulebook.

Ages 8+ 
2-4 Players  
10 Minutes to Learn
40-60 Minutes to Play if Everyone is Assertive

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