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Ticket To Ride Asia Map Collection 1

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The Asia Map Collection 1 for Ticket to Ride includes two different expansions. One is Team Asia where you and a partner compete against other teams on a 25,000 kilometer ride from Kabul to Beijing, through the steppes of Mongolia and the Gobi desert up to the Yellow River! The second is Legendary Asia were you compete alone alone the Silk Road or into the hustle and bustle of Indochina.

I really like the team aspect to the Team Asia and the addition of a 6th player to the game if you would like! You must have the base game Ticket to Ride Europe to play the Team Asia portion of this expansion. The Legendary Asia expansion will work with either the Ticket to Ride (USA) or  the Ticket to Ride Europe version.

Very quick to learn and adds new life to the Ticket to Ride Series!! Take a look at the rulebooks: Team Asia or Legendary Asia.

Ages 8+ 
Teams of 4-6 Players or 
10 Minutes to Learn
45-80 Minutes to Play if Everyone is Assertive

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