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The Builders: Middle Ages - Why-Games

The Builders: Middle Ages

  • 1899

Master stone, tile, wood, and strategy in The Builders: Middle Ages! This portable card drafting and resource management game puts two to four players in charge of overseeing medieval building sites. By recruiting workers, sending them to work, and constructing machines to bake bricks and lift heavy loads, you'll build the structures of a European city in the Middle Ages. Start small with a straw hut or stone bridge, and work your way up to houses, inns, aqueducts, and even a cathedral! Labor and money are not inexhaustible, however, so you'll have to be careful how you manage your finances and how you budget your time. The player whose buildings yield the most points wins! 

The Builders: Middle Ages contains:

  • 42 Worker cards
  • 47 Building cards
  • 40 coins
  •  One rulebook
Ages 10+ 
2-4 Players 
15 Minutes to Learn 
30+ Minutes to Play

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