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Sum Swamp

  • 1999

This addition and subtraction game takes children on a journey through Sum Swamp™. They'll make their way over the crocodile shortcut and through the endless loop by adding and subtracting the numbers rolled. Special places on the game board allow children opportunity to explore even and odd numbers and differentiate between addition and subtraction symbols. On each turn the players roll three dice, which create a simple addition or subtraction problem that must be solved in order to determine how far to move their game piece. This equals lots of fun and lots of learning!!

Ages 5-7
2-4 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
10-15 Minutes to Play


The Good Toy Guide (UK), Highly Recommended (1998) – UK
National Parenting Publication Awards (NAPPA) Honors Award (1998)
Parent’s Choice Honor Award (1998)
Right Start Magazine (UK) ’s Best Toy Awards: Games Category (1999) – UK
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, Best Toy Award (1999)
Kids Out Good Toy Guide Award (UK), Highly Recommended (1999) – UK

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