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Stacker Crackers-Sound Swap

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Snack it and stack it! Sound Swap is fun on short words and letter sounds! This compact game is a fun way to practice early reading. Each card has a printed word on one side(typically three letters) and a cheese or cracker design on the other. 

Game includes 90 Picture cards and 10 Stack Attacks, and a
Guide printed on box.

Ages: 5+ or K+
2-4 Players

How To Play:
1. Place the cracker box in the middle to the table.
2. Take a card out of the box are read it aloud. Then change any sound to make a new word. For example, if you draw cat, you could turn it into can, cut or hat.
3. If you were correct, keep the card and start making your cheese and cracker stack. If you were incorrect, place the card in a discard pile.
4. Watch out! If you draw a "Stack Attack!" card, place your stack and the "Stack Attack" card in the discard pile. On your next turn, begin a new stack.
5. If your stack falls down, place cards in the discard pile.
6. Take turns adding to your stack until the box is empty or until a desired time is up.
7. The player with the tallest stack at the end of the game wins.

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