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Snap It Up Word Families

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This exciting, fast-paced card game provides kids with hard-hitting practice in reading skills! Players pick and pass cards as fast as they can to spell words. It's fast! It's crazy! And it's so much fun, kids will want to snap it up again and again! Each game includes 90 cards.

Game Play: One player turns the top purple card face-up in the center of the table and says, “Go!” All players simultaneously try to make words using one or more of their orange cards and the purple card in the center. If a player cannot make a word, he discards one orange card to his left, and takes a new card from his draw pile. He continues drawing and discarding until he can make a word. Players may not have more than 3 orange cards in their hands at any time. If a player can make a word, he takes the purple card from the center and immediately turns over the next purple card. Then he sets all the cards used to make his word aside, draws new orange cards, and continues playing. All players are drawing and discarding at the same time – as fast as they can. If a player’s draw pile runs out, he draws cards from the player on his right’s discard pile. Players yell “snap” as they take the purple card to make their first word, “it” when they make their second, and “up” when they make their third. All play stops when one player yells “up.” Then that player shows the three words he has made. If the words are spelled correctly, he wins! If any word is incorrect, the purple card from that word is returned to the center pile and play continues.

Ages 6+
2-4 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
8 Minutes per Game

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