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Sixteen Samurai

  • 1599

Sixteen Samurai is a simple, but fast-paced game of honour and glory. In this game of cards and dice, players face-off against each other on the battlefied. Each battle consists of 16 samurai with various characteristics of power, speed, armor and karma.  Each victory is a mix of a Samurai's characteristics and chance. With a box full of 70 Samurai, and special action cards for an added challenge, Sixteen Samurai is a game of glory with high energy fun for the whole family.


Ages 8+
2-4 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
15-25 Minutes to Play
Note: Why-Games is committed to bring you family safe games. We would like to make it known any and all questionable content. Sixteen Samurai has an Oriental Theme and includes Samurai Warriors and "Powers". The Powers possessed by each warrior are: Power, Speed, Armor and Karma.

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