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Shakespeare Backstage Expansion

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You can find everything you need in the backstage: Lord Chamberlain to get additional stunning actors, a prompter for those who forget their lines, a milliner for a costume with a panache, an architect to redesign the frontage of your theater...

Prepare for success and a new theater season with Shakespeare: Backstage, the first expansion for Shakespeare! New actors, new objectives, new costumes, and an innovative stage set allow you to shine when the curtain rises and all the lights are on you. Backstage cards allow players to utilize unwagered cylinders by placing them on the deck and spending them on special abilities, such as placing fewer rest tokens, adding hats to actors, or increasing ambiance.

***Please note this is an expansion and NOT a standalone game. You need the base game of Shakespeare to use this Shakespeare Backstage Expansion!! Find the base game Here!
Ages 4+ 
1-4 Players
20 Minutes to Learn 
20-90 Minutes to Play

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