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See It! Slam It! Say It!

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See It! Slam It! Say It! is an easy to learn party game.  The goal is to win the most category cards within 10 rounds of playing an alphabet card.  The game starts with four category cards revealed and read aloud, like "Action Movie", "Biblical Name", "Baseball Player", and "Vampire".  When everyone has seen the categories, the alphabet card is revealed.  If a letter "B" was revealed, players must think of a word starting with the letter "B" that matches one of the exposed categories. For example, a player could see the letter "B", then slam the "Action Movie" category card and say, "Bourne Ultimatum".  However, if another player at the exact same time slams their hand on "Biblical Name" and says, "Barnabas", then both players can win their category or a vote can be taken. Rules are included for tie-breakers, baloney answers and no-repeats!  

Ages 12 up
2-12 players
5 Minutes to Learn
15 Minutes to Play

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