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This modern board game is easy to learn but takes time to master. Based off the dots-and-squares game, children and parents alike will enjoy facing off. On each turn, roll a die and place your walls. Build and claim 4-sided “sectors” by placing the last wall to complete a 1x1 square. Try to block your opponent from claiming sectors or get lucky and draw special tiles that give you extra actions. Claim 5 sectors in a row and you’ve won Sectori! It’s always an exciting brain challenge – whether it’s your 4th or 40th round!

When you claim five sectors in a row you'll win this engaging game of strategic planning. Kids develop big-picture and logical thinking, strategy and creativity
and is perfect for kids and adults who enjoy 3D puzzles, logic games and mazes.


Includes: 60 walls, 36 action tiles, 1 game board, die and instructions

Ages 7 to Adult
2 Players
7 Minutes to Learn
15 Minutes per Game

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