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Roll Through the Ages: The Iron Age

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Spend some time playing a strategic game in Greece, Phoenicia, and Rome as you erect monuments, fend off disasters, and strive to feed your people. Players will take turns building provinces, armies, and conquering barbarians or building ports and ships to gain trade goods. 


Roll Through the Ages Iron Age is the dice version of a larger more lengthy and complex game Through the Ages. Both are well respected in gaming communities.

In order to play Roll Through the Ages Iron Age, players roll various numbers of dice, determined by how many ports or provinces have been established. The results of the dice can be manipulated in many ways which moderately reduces the luck element of the game. A well thought plan, cleaver use of elements rolled, and repeated experience are needed to compete well. This makes Roll Through the Ages one game that we will have around a long time and play often. We also really love the wooden components. 

Ages 10+
1-4 Players
30 Minutes to Learn
40-60 Minutes to Play

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