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Rockin Math

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Rocking math is a great way to amp up your math! This game is deeply themed for those interested in performing music. From start to finish, players and walking their way to fame one question at a time. Each section gives math problems in story problem form. Questions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, percentages, basic geometry, time telling and fractions. Players will use math to determine things like how many concert tickets do you have to sell to cover your agent’s fees, how long the band needs to practice, or how much leather will you need to make custom pants for your entire band? 
The age on the box indicates grades 3+ however, Rockin Math could offer a nice math review for kids in 5th to 7th grade especially because of the theme of the game. If you play with 3rd and 4th graders, you need to be ready to skip some questions or do a quick teaching session. If playing with various ages/abilities, try giving pencil and paper to those who might struggle and require mental math operations for those more advanced.
    • Includes guitar-shaped box, 220 pick-shaped cards in limo holder, and 4 star-shaped playing pieces
    • Based on common core state standards for grades 3–4
    • Teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, percentages, fractions, and more

    Ages 9+
    Grades 3+
    2-4 Players
    5 Minutes to Learn
    15-25 Minutes to Play
    1. Choose a card and read it aloud.

    2. Answer three questions correctly at each venue to move around the board or follow the instruction on special "lucky" cards.

    3. Advance around the board (and get closer to your rock ‘n’ roll dreams!).

    4. Get to the International Music Awards first to win!

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