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Robbin' Eggs

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Robin Eggs is a great family board game, because it’s simple to learn, has unique components, and has a good balance of strategy and luck. With the random selection of game cards and the different numbered Eggs, every game is different. So keep your family’s memory and math skills sharp this summer with the game of Robbin’ Eggs!

Place the Robbin’ Egg nest in the center of the playing area and randomly place all eighteen eggs in the nest with the numbers faced down. Shuffle the playing cards and place them in the middle of the nest (see picture). The object of the game is to turn over eggs one at a time trying to get the sum of your eggs close to the number rolled (twenty sided die). If your sum is more or less than the number rolled you will receive penalty points equal to the difference. The player with the lowest score after five rounds wins!

Player’s start their turn by drawing a card from the card pile in the center of the nest and then follow the directions on the card. The standard cards will have you rolling the twenty-sided die first then turning over the required amount of eggs in an attempt to get the sum of your eggs as close to the number rolled as possible. An example of a standard card is “Roll the die. Turn over four eggs, one at a time.” As you turn the eggs, leave them in the nest with the numbers face up. This will give you and other players the opportunity to remember where these numbers are in the nest and help receive lower penalty scores on later turns. Keep in mind that the green Robbin’ Eggs are takeaway numbers, and the blue Robbin’ Eggs are positive numbers. After turning over the required number of Eggs, record your score on the score pad. For example, if you rolled a twelve with the twenty sided die, and the sum of your turned Eggs is fifteen then you score a three for that round. If you are able to match the rolled number your score for the round is zero! Turn all of the eggs back over and it’s the next players turn going clockwise.

There are two special cards, the Rob Card, and the Scrambled Eggs Card. If you draw a Rob Card place it in front of you, score a zero for the round, and end your turn.

This card allows you to “rob” Eggs from an opponent during their turn. There are three different Rob Cards, three that say “Rob 2”, two that say “Rob 3”, and one that says “Rob 4.”  Play this card at any time during an opponent’s turn and remove the number of Eggs shown on the Rob Card from the nest. Your opponent must follow the rules on their drawn card but cannot use any of the eggs you removed (even ones they already turned over)! After their turn, return the robbed eggs (numbers down) and the Rob Card (on the opposite side you drew it from) to the nest. If you draw a Scrambled Egg card, without looking at the numbers, switch the location of as many eggs in the nest as you’d like. This resets the nest and the location of the numbers you and your opponents might have memorized! After you mix the eggs up, score a zero for the round and end your turn.

Ages 8+
2-4 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
20 Minutes to Play

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