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Renaissance Wars

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A game filled with intriguing history and magnificent art!

Take on the role of a Renaissance Luminary, battle opponents, and accumulate the wealth and power to dominate each Era of the game!

This game is very impressively done! You feel like you have stepped into the time of the Renaissance as you open the game box and fan out the luminary playing boards: William Shakespeare, Ignatius of Loyola, Christopher Columbus, Filippo Brunelleschi, Francis Bacon, and Martin Luther. The game board and currency are beautifully done. I like that the special privileges given to each of the players match or relate in some way to their contribution to the Renaissance Period. Whether it be Martin Luther winning florins if religion is the trump suit or William Shakespeare having the ability to woo an opponent's populace card into the theatre by the roll of a dice.

The playing cards have a wealth of information on them and are used much like a deck of regular play cards when playing a game such as Spades or Pinocle. There is a trump suit with each round, and opportunity to meld, and special actions.

This game has a fairly steep learning curve in my opinion; however, the instructions are very well written and illustrated and there are many videos online that are available to teach you how to play. If this game were played a many times by your children they would be well acquainted with the Renaissance Period in a way that textbooks are unable to do: experiential learning!!

These video show a nice brief overview of how to play this game. Please note that the components used in these videos are the prototypes from the early beginnings of this game. The game components of Renaissance Wars that is offered by Why-Games is far superior to these prototype pieces.


Includes a 28-page full-color instruction and guidebook, 128 cards, 6 Luminary Mats, 1 Initiative Indicator, 4 Condition Markers, 6 Luminary Portraits with stands, 6 Card Envelopes, 4 Reference Guides, 90 Coins, and 1 Game Board.

Ages 12+
2 to 4 Players
40 Minutes to Learn
40-60 Minutes to Play

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