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Ready, Set, Woof!

  • 1999

Find and feed hungry puppies! Players shake the Dog Bowl Randomizer to find out which pup to feed, then scan the board for the pup with matching colors. The player who finds the matching pup first feeds it a bone. The first player to give away all bones first wins! 

Ages 3-5
2-4 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
15 Minutes to Play

No reading required
Dog Bowl Randomizer with 6 different colors
Game board features 30 different puppies
20 Bone-shaped game pieces
Multilingual instruction guide

How to Play:
1. Each player takes 5 dog bones
2. Shake the Dog Bowl Randomizer and wait for the colored balls to fall into place. The colors match the color of one puppy's fur and collar on the board.
3. Each player scans the board to search for the puppy with the matching colors.
4. The first person to find the puppy can "feed it" a bone.
5. Feed all 5 of your bones to the puppies first and win! 

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