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Professor Noggin's Life in the Ocean

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Professor Noggin’s series of educational kids card games encourages kids to learn interesting facts about their favorite subjects - like-Life in the Ocean. This card game teach fun facts about the familiar clown fish to the ever curious narwhal (that's the sea creature with a horn on it's head). Life in the Ocean is a best-seller from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean and it was the first card game printed in the collection!

Professor Noggin's card games include 30 Topic Cards in each box. Each card has 3 easy questions and 3 hard questions for a total of 180 questions in the game. If a question is answered incorrectly, it goes back to the bottom of the card pile. Because the question is decided by the roll of the die, if the same card comes up again, on may or may not get the same question. It's a fun way to learn all about your favorite animals! Enjoy!!

Note: We have found some evolutionary ideas in some of the science series of Professor Noggins. An example of this in Life in the Ocean is: "Jellyfish lived on earth before dinosaurs were alive? (true/false)" However, we found that we could investigate the answer in the Bible in Genesis chapter one. It is true that God created the jellyfish one day before the creation of land creatures!!

Ages 7 to Adult
2-8 Players (Can be played in teams)
2 Minutes to Learn
15 Minutes to Play

Multiple Award Winner: FamilyFun Magazine, Toy of the Year (T.O.Y.) National Association of Parenting Publications, NAPPA Gold, NAPPA Honor Award Learning Magazine, Teachers’ Choice Award National Association for Gifted Children, Parenting for High Potential Award Dr. Toy, Best Vacation Children’s Product Scholastic Instructor Magazine, Best of 2005, Best of 2004 Early Childhood News, Directors’ Choice Parents’ Choice Foundation, Parents’ Choice Approved Award Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award Discovery Education Award of Excellence Toy Tips, 5/5 rating Canadian Toy Testing Council, 3-Star Rating Creative Child Magazine, Top Creative Toy Seal of Excellence Award

***Please note that the Professor Noggin's series have been written from a secular worldview and often include old earth and evolutionary ideas.

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