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The Forest Food Chain Game

This is a new idea in card decks based upon the natural food relationships in a forest.  Forty illustrated cards represent a plant or an animal commonly found in the temperate zone forests.  An animal takes what it eats and is taken by what eats it.  Several versions to play!

Ages 8 and up
2 to 6 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
20-30 Minutes to Play

A quote taken from the Ampersand Press Website:

"Predator is very informative for adults and children alike to learn about the food chain.  We are now on the second generation using the game, which we bought in 1989.  My daughter, who is now 23, loved the "Death and Decay" card because it beats all animals!  My grandson, aged 5, has continued in his mother's footsteps.  This game is his favorite to play when he visits.  When I get paid next, I plan to buy him his own copy and the Krill game, because he is really into sharks and other sea animals.  Thanks for the years of fun and laughter with the Predator game."

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