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Fraction Pie Puzzles - Why-Games

Fraction Pie Puzzles

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Making fractions "easy as pie." Each Fraction Pie Puzzle is a puzzle and a conceptual fraction lesson, all rolled into FUN! Select a card, place the starting pieces, and then complete the circles with the remaining fraction pie pieces. Will one-third solve the puzzle? What about 2 one-sixths? This kinesthetic way to reinforce basic fraction concepts teaches students how fractional parts make up a whole and about equivalencies, common denominators, and multiples. Leveled from easy to difficult and self-correcting, the puzzles are perfect as a small group or center activity. It's an entertaining way for students to challenge their brain and understand fractions!

Ages 7+
1-2 Players

ame board,
50 leveled puzzle cards (easy to challenging),
65 foam fraction pieces, and

Solutions included for every puzzle. 

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