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Pastiche International Edition

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Such a beautiful, high quality game. The cards of art are printed on sturdy cards, the game board is a strikingly vivid paint palate, and the wooden isles add just the perfect touch to make this game very pristine. The game plays out nicely as you place your octagon tiles in just the right way to earn the paint color cards you need for the picture you have set your sights on in the art gallery. As you earn cards, you surrender the cards in order to purchase a work of art. As you build your gallery, you work to earn those that will give you enough points to win the game. The paintings include 34 of the finest American and European art works of the past six centuries. Prior knowledge of art is not necessary, but you will exit the game with a deeper appreciation for many of the most famous works of art, some details about the time periods for certain works and become familiar with the artists. Finally, there are also many opportunities to practice your knowledge of blending colors into new ones.

This high quality, deluxe version of Pastiche is now out of print. Why-Games is proud to have 19 Copies left!! This version includes wooden isles and art from both America and Europe.

Ages 10 to Adult
2-4 Players
15 Minutes to Learn
45 to 60 Minutes to Play

Award Winner: Mensa Best Mind Game Award MENSA Select Winner 2011

We offer an expansion pack for Pastiche that offers more paintings.

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