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Passport To Culture

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In an attempt to collect Passport Stamps, players go continent hopping and participate every turn by choosing correct answers to intriguing, informative Passport Questions. A lucky Culture Card may earn you that elusive stamp needed to complete your Passport and win the game. The challenge continues when it’s time to determine your CQ® (Cultural Intelligence™) score and see who earns top marks. Open your mind, embrace the world, and reach for the highest level. Become a true Passport to Culture® World Citizen.

As players move about the board, they are asked a question about the particular region of the world in which they are traveling. From the 636 questions found in Passport the Culture, players have a fun opportunity to learn about people groups around the globe. This game has the unique ability to be enjoyed for family game night, or used in the classroom. Some of the questions can be rather advanced; however, a wiley guesser can earn passport stamps right alongside the cultural geniuses in the group. In the end, everyone walks away much smarter.

The game tests your knowledge of world cultures with fascinating fun-filled questions about people and places, food and drink, world treasures, greetings and gestures, and customs and traditions. With thousands of interesting facts that can make a difference in daily life, the knowledge-based content in this game emphasizes positive attributes from every independent state in the world: all 195 of them, plus Antarctica. Fundamental information is provided as an introduction to smaller, lesser-known countries such as: which country is entirely surrounded by South Africa? or What are the languages spoken in Luxembourg? Greater cultural insight for better known and more populous countries questions are given: Why do Japanese remove their shoes before entering a home? How do Mexican people greet one another?

Ages 10+
2-6 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
45 Minutes to Play

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