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Music Mania Games

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Learning to play a musical instrument is a relaxing and exciting new endeavor. Sharing your joy of music enriches your life as well as the lives of others. Kings Music LLC designed this game in order to teach some of the basic concepts behind learning to play an instrument. Using this simple but effective game you will have a very useful tool in your hands for learning the basics of music. This is a valuable, fun way for music teachers and parents who are teaching someone new to the concepts of music.
Level 1 Piano Music Mania teaches piano key location.
Level 2 Music Note Mania emphasizes the distance between notes on the music staff.
Level 3 Interval Races races frogs and turtles up the music staff.
Level 4 Capture the Bugs is a frog hopping, turtle crawling frenzy to slurp up the most flies.

Ages 6 and up
2 players
15 Minutes to Learn
15-30 Minutes to Play each level

See videos for each level of play here:

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