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Math Dice Chase

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Math Dice Chase works well with larger groups as you start the two pairs of dice at opposite sides of the circle of students.  The players quickly roll their two dice, multiply the numbers and call the answer aloud. If their answer is correct, they quickly pass the dice to the next person. If their answer is incorrect, they simply roll the dice again and hopefully call out the right answer this time before the other set of dice catch up to them. Don't be the student who has both sets of dice catch up to them at the same time or you are out!

One part hot potato, one part math - Math Dice Chase tests your ability to quickly do mental math. 

Ages 8 +
3 or more Players
2 Minutes to Learn
10 Minutes to Play

See detailed instructions here.

Instruction Booklet 
Game-go bag for easy storage
4 Jumbo Dice


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