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Logic Dots

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Choose a challenge and then place nine colorful cubes into the frame according to the instructions. You only get a few clues, so you will need to use your deductive reasoning skills to solve each puzzle. Once you think you have all the dots correctly arranged, check the key and enjoy your victory.
This game has a deck of cards, each containing the cube colors needed and just enough clues to help you reason and deduct where each cube must be placed. This game is very good for reading comprehension, direction following, flexible thinking, and deductive reasoning. It is fun too!
Note: The colors on the cubes/cards are not perfect matches and cause difficulties if you have any color blind issues. Also, it took me a minute to realize that the transparent lid slides out of your way to be able to manipulate the cubes.

Ages 8+
Single Player
5 Minutes to Learn
Hours of Fun

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