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Lewis and Clark Exploration Card Game

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Learn about many of the discoveries Lewis and Clark made on the trail. From Sioux warriors, grizzly bears, rattlesnakes, and various indigenous plants, players have the opportunity to learn much about this great historical journey. Instructions include two card games. The one that our family plays most often reminds me of a rummy style of gameplay. You are trying to be the first to collect a "set" of information, but there are some tricky cards that you are wise to hold in order to "challenge" someone's claim to a win.

We consider this game to be bit of a classroom game, but has enough fun to keep a student's attention while they learn some history in a unique way.

Ages 10+
2-6 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
45 Minutes to Play


Includes: 56 cards, 18" x 24" Trail Map poster, and stickers

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