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A Whale of a Game!

Krill takes you for an adventure into the ecosystem that supports the big whales.  Dive right into the Antartic Ocean community with this unique marine food chain game.  Included are a deck of seventy-seven cards with an introduction to the ocean food chain, as well as a glossary of terms and instructions.

Ages 8 and up
2 to 6 Players
5 Minutes to Learn
15-30 Minutes to Play

A quote taken from the Ampersand Press website:

"How much do you know about the Antarctic sea life? Well, I didn't know too much about it until I played Krill.  While it took some effort at first to figure out how to play - we were so clueless about krill and phytoplankton - once we learned how it worked we were hooked.  After playing a few times we had to get some books out of the library on these animals. Before we knew it we were in the middle of a unit study! What a fun way to learn!"

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