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Two players or teams draw cards and set them down next to each other, face up. Each card features word parts including suffixes, prefixes, single vowels, consonants and dipthongs (Vowel combinations). Then as the players use quick thinking and head-to-head competition they try to quickly say a word that includes the letters found on the two face-up cards. For example, if the letter cards “sl” and “ee” are turned up, someone could win by KABAMING the word “sleep”.

We find that you could and an extra challenge by requiring that the winner also name the part of speech that their word could operate as (in our example it could be a verb or a noun depending on the justification given).
The challenges can be adjusted also by just using one card for younger players or several for more advanced players.

Ages 7 to Adult
2-4 Players (or groups)
2 Minutes to Learn
5-15 Minutes to Play

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