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Jukem Basketball

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Jukem Basketball is a perfect game for a young kiddo who is ready for something a little more that chutes and ladders. If you enjoy a fully luck based game where you just draw and play your cards you will enjoy Jukem. 

I think this game would go over well with a child around 8 or 9 who wants to play a simple game with a grandparent. Jukem is played in 4 quarters just like a basketball game. Players take turns playing offensive cards like "slam dunks", 2 and 3 point shots and free throws. The opposing player has an opportunity to block shots with defensive cards like an "air-shot", "block", or even a place a "technical foul" on the table. Again, not a lot of thought, decisions or strategy involved but "makes points" with some types of gamers!

Ages 7+
2 Players
7 Minutes to Learn
20 Minutes to Play

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