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  • 1999

How to Play

Jabuka is a word game with a rotating letter alphabet where players race to make and take words simultaneously!

Flipping Beans

After the beans are spilled and lying flat, players can make or take words AND suggest a "flip" at any time by saying "flip?" If everyone agrees, each player then flips two face down beans at the same time and continues making and taking words. (With teams, only one player per team does the flipping.) Play continues until all the beans are flipped.


Players count all the beans used in their words. The player that used the most beans wins! If there is a tie, players involved in the tie-breaker take 10 random, face down beans each. The player that makes the longest words with their beans wins. If there’s still a tie, repeat and best of three wins.

Ages 8 to Adult
2-8 players
5 Minutes to Learn
30 Minutes + to Play


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Gold Seal Award 2020
  • Pal Award 2020
  • The National Parenting Product Award 2019
  • Creative Child Magazine, 2019 Game of the Year
  • Mom's Choice Awards Honor of Excellence
  • ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Finalist 2019

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