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In the Year of the Dragon

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Take on the role of a Chinese prince to maximize the prosperity and prestige of your province in ancient China. Though you cannot do this alone, you must utilize the expertise of your various courtiers to protect the province from unfortunate disasters that arise from month to month. Manage your province and withstand the seemingly unending ambush of unfortunate events to earn victory points.
In the Year of the Dragon has a string of unfortunate events that you can see and study at the outset of the game (every new game will offer these events in a different order). On your turn you are building temples and placing courtiers in them that have special skills for helping you with each event. Your job is to be well prepare and reap the benefits, if not disasters of various type will occur.

Ages 12+

2-5 Players
45 Minutes to Learn (Plus a Couple of Games Run throughs!)
75-100 Minutes to Play

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