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In 7 Wonders, you lead an ancient civilization as it rises from its barbaric roots to become a world power.

Every turn, you will have a chance to choose one card to further your goals for ascendancy. Will you build your army, stock up on resources, or borrow from a neighbor? Decide wisely, because when you finish, you’ll pass the rest of your cards to the next player, who may profit from your indecision. As the ages advance, you’ll choose from progressively more magnificent developments, so prepare your civilization for tomorrow or be left choking on the dust of your failing nation. With beautiful art, fourteen different wonders, and a dizzying array of strategic options, 7 Wonders is a simple and addictive game the whole family can enjoy. In just half an hour you can raise your civilization to the mightiest heights, and build the greatest wonders of the world!

This is a card based game where you lay each of your cards out on the table around your beautifully illustrated 7 Wonder board as you choose them. Lots of table space needed! The rules can be a bit daunting at first, but after you have guessed your way through a couple of games you’ll be playing with vigor and strategy.

Ages 10+ 

2-4 Players
30 Minutes to Learn (Plus a Couple of Games Run throughs!)
45 Minutes to Play 

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