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How Tall Am I?

How Tall Am I?

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Help kiddos practice measuring skills with this durable, almost play set style, of a game. Each player takes turns rolling the die and stacking up the parts to create a crazy character! With all the pieces in place, will your character measure up? Players will use the measuring device including in the game to judge who's character is the tallest. The measuring stick has inches on one side and centimeters on the other. If your character is the tallest, you win! With 30 different pieces to choose from, you can create a different character every time you play!

Ages 3-8
2-4 Players
3 Minutes to Learn
10-15 Minutes to Play

This gamebox has been reproduced and resized to a more modern look. How Tall am I is now in the new 10.5 X 10.5 sized game box instead of the original longbox.


Thirty character pieces, custom measuring ruler, spinner and complete instructions.


Collect 5 different parts to build the tallest character.


Mix up all of the character parts and spread them out in the center of the playing area. The youngest player is then given the die to begin the game


The first player begins the game by rolling the die. If the player rolls a HAT, for example, he/she can select any one of the six hats and place it in front of him/her. That player’s turn is now over. The next player rolls the die and selects his/her character part in the same manner as described above, depending on what is rolled. Play continues with each player rolling the die once per turn and collecting one part per turn. If a player rolls a part that he/she already has, the player cannot select a character part and that player’s turn is over. If a player rolls a WILD, that player may select ANY part for his/her character. When a player has collected one HAT, one HEAD, one ARMS, one BODY and one FEET, the player measures the height of their character with the measuring ruler provided. After all characters are completed and measured, the player with the tallest character is the winner.


Parts for your character may be collected in any order (determined by the roll of the die), but they must be placed in the following order, from bottom to top: FEET, BODY, ARMS, HEAD, HAT. (See example at bottom right).

IF 2 OR MORE PLAYERS HAVE THE TALLEST CHARACTERS WITH THE SAME HEIGHT, the player who completed their character first is the winner.

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