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Healthy Hurdles Nutrition

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Take a wild trek onto the desert.  Beautifully illustrated cards represent plants and animals that are found in the desert.  Element cards represent the powerful forces of nature.  Reveal the awesome balance of nature as you follow the chain of life in the desert.  The game includes a deck of forty-one cards, instructions for 7 ways to play the game, a full color poster of the desert habitat, an "amazing facts" sheet, a glossary and a bibliography.

Ages 8 and up
1 to 6 Players
10 Minutes to Learn
20-40 Minutes to Play

A quote taken from the Ampersand Press website:

"As a camp instructor at Tucson Botanical Gardens, I have used Onto the Desert for the past two years to illustrate the cycle of life in the Sonoran Desert.  First, I presented the 2 player rules and allowed the students to play in pairs.  Later we would play as a class.  In each camp, I have been astounded to see how the kids come to form their own rules - putting limits on how many times certain cards can be used and establishing different scoring systems.  All of these alternatives are listed in the game's instructions, but the students arrive at them independently.  I just love how what starts as a lesson on ecology evolves into a depiction of teamwork and problem solving.  The best part is that after I introduce the game, the campers ALWAYS ask for it the next day."

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