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Hank the Cowdog Playing Cards

Hank the Cowdog Playing Cards

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This is a deck of regular playing cards. However, the following game can also be played with this classic deck featuring the beloved Hank the CowDog!

Rules for HANK’S CARD GAME Hank’s card game contains 52 cards, 13 character sets of 4 books each. The object is to obtain complete sets by calling for cards from other players. Deal 5 cards to each player. Place the remainder of the deck facedown in the middle. Player to dealer’s left begins by calling on any other player for a card (asking for both the character and a book title) that will help him complete a set of which he holds one or more character cards. If the player called upon has the desired card, he gives it to the caller, who continues calling for cards until he fails to get the card he asks for. The caller then draws a card from the cards in the middle, and if he gets the card he had asked for, he continues his turn. If not, his turn ends. The next player to the left gets their turn and so on. If a player has no cards, and it’s his turn, he can call for any card. When a player gets a complete character set of books, he lays it aside and play continues until all of the sets have been obtained. The player with the most character sets wins!

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