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Friends and Neighbors

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Monkey Around is a get-up-and-move game. Spread the monkey tree on the floor and take turns picking up cards and acting out whatever they say. These cute little round cards encourage social-emotional skills with interactive challenges where you make faces for each other, pretend, or crawl under one another. Cognitive skill are built as they recognize and match body parts and understand spatial concepts like on, over, and under. Gross motor and hand-eye coordination are targeted through hopping, balancing, tossing and catching.

Monkey Around game is part of a collection of simple games that encourage meaningful moments of connection between you and your toddler. Other games in this collection include Bunny Bedtime and Where's Bear?

Ages 2+
2 or more players
2 Minutes to Learn
10 Minutes to Play


Game Board Tree
40 Circular Action Cards
1 Banana Beanbag

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