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FrankenWords™ is the fast-paced matching game that puts a thrill into making new words!  Match two words together to create new meanings and watch vocabulary come alive in amazing ways.  Encouraging kids to be inventive and experiment with compound words, FrankenWords is the exciting word laboratory of electrifying play! 

You lay all the cards out in stacks of five. We often just take turns making compound words rather than using a time pressured play. This works well because we have a variety of ages/abilities. I really like that there is a picture side with the word written below and a side where there is just a thematically fun white text word on a black background. Even my teens join in the fun.

This game builds communicative, cognitive, communicative, social and emotional, sensory, and physical skills:

  • Sequential Thought
  • Visual Processing
  • Word Recognition
  • Vocabulary

Ages 6+
Grade 3+
2+ Players
5 Minutes to Learn
10-20 Minutes to Play

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