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In the northwest corner of Nunavut, Canada, a formerly inaccessible bay off of the Arctic Ocean has become reachable through a secret inlet. Untouched by the hands of time and fed by both the ocean and warm fresh water springs, Ridback Bay is teeming with sea life. A remote, timeless bayside village is now being inundated by entrepreneurs awaiting the influx of the world’s greatest fisherman to harvest this plentiful bounty. The docks and warehouses are being revitalized and now the real adventure begins. Build your fleet and become master of the seas!

Fleet is a strategic card based game featuring a unique commercial fishing theme. It reminds me a little bit of Puerto Rico as far a game mechanics go, but not nearly as complicated. There is an auction on each round where you are allowed to buy new licenses, followed by a time of sailing new vessels and captaining them. Then, of course, fishing...where you get the little wooden blue pieces (representing the catch of the day). Throughout the game, there is an abundance of card replenishing and careful decision making to be made.


Fleet is an enjoyable game, that is quick but rewarding. We have adopted several house rules in order to "tweak" the game to our liking, but they are minor. I also enjoy the fish shaped wood pieces that we have added to our game.



26 License Cards
96 Boat Cards
4 Player Reference Cards
100 Fish Crates
(Blue Wood Cubes) We have the fish shaped cubes available for $5!
1 Starting Player Marker

Ages 10+
2-4 Players
30-45 Minutes to Play
30 Minutes to Learn

Awards: Dice Hate Me-2012 Game of the Year
Games Mag. 2014 Traditional Games 100

“Great kid friendly game. Very addictive. Interesting game mechanics, proving that the game has been well thought out, and thoroughly play tested.” ~Robin Lees on

“I greatly enjoy Fleet and find it to be a challenging game that plays light and has a great deal of replay value.”

“Simple to learn. Good theme and great art!” ~Chris Kirkman,

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