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Fitz It

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What comes in a box, fits inside a blender, and is bound to make you laugh? “FitzIt” – the party game where fun is all in the description! Name an object that fits the attributes on your cards and then play them to the grid. The more cards you play, the faster you score. Use your creativity and you’re fit to win!

Each player starts with 15 cards and their goal is to play them in the grid on the table. If the start card on the table says, "edible" and a player has a card in their hand that says, "comes in a variety of colors"...this card could be placed onto the table if the player can name an edible items that come in a variety of colors such as Fruit Loops or M & M's. As the playing continues, the options multiply but so does the need for creativity!

Ages 10+
2 or More Players (The More the Merrier)
5 Minutes to Learn
10-30 Minutes to Play

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