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Find the Difference: 400 Pieces

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Dino Park Puzzle features the wonderful family style puzzling where the pieces vary in size. The pieces on one side of the puzzle are small and gradually become larger as you reach the other side of the puzzle. The idea is that the more adept puzzlers will work with the smaller pieces while younger participants can enjoy much success with the more sizable pieces.

Another novelty to this particular puzzle is that it is a "find the difference" activity once it is complete. The picture on the front of the box and the actual puzzle differ in twelve ways that must be found by your family. For those that must peek, the answers can be found on the back of the box!!

Known for quality puzzles, Cobble Hill has done a good job on this one!

Ages 5+
400 Pieces

**Note that the puzzle includes a possibly offensive sign on the souvenir shack in the middle of the park: "200 Million BC Souvenirs". Evolutionary ideas surround us; but things like this gives us a chance to have discussions with our children about what our beliefs are and why.

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