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First, a crazy definition is read to the group, like “A strong aversion to Mayonnaise” or “A compulsion to pop bubble wrap”. Next, players use wacky word parts on their cubes to create wildly funny new words to fit the definition. The red caps are then placed on each person’s “new” word and stirred around like dominos in the center of the table. Then the funny part begins as each new word is read out loud, and the “WordMeister” picks the best one! 

The word prompts in this game are unique and clever. Some of the best I’ve ever seen. I think cards like these coupled with multiple cube combinations to consider, can really get one’s imagination going. Every exposure to unique ideas and vocabulary, broaden a student’s base from which they need for pulling ideas from when creating stories and writing papers. This game also has some grammatic value as the players have to have some knowledge for how to use word parts like “un”, “auto”, “mega”, “post”, ect.

Finally, when the right mood hits, this game allows a great opportunity for your family to bond together, laugh with each other, and have lots lingering memories.

Also, one of my rules of thumb for finding a good game is to see if there is an expansion! If there is an expansion, this means it has been wildly popular with a host of folks. I have yet to be disappointed with this little trick.

Ages 13 to Adult (I’ve played with with 10 year olds)
3-7 players
5 Minutes to learn
20-30 minutes per game

Best Party Games of 2011- Time to Play Magazine
What the Stuff 4 Star Rated

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