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Eye Know

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A unique trivia game prompted by pictures and very family friendly! On your turn, roll the two dice. The colored dice guides you in your choice of pictures on the playing board. After choosing a picture that you recognize, the person to your right reads the question corresponding to number on your rolled dice and asks a question. The number one questions are TRUE or FALSE. the number two questions are MULTIPLE CHOICE, and the number three questions are OPEN ENDED. Therefore, the game can be easily adjusted to make the game harder or easier for players of various abilities. The pictures are themed around animals and plants, famous people, logos, buildings, landmarks, and flags and countries.

Example questions:
The picture of Toucan Sam- from the Fruit Loops Cereal asks these questions: 1.) Toucan Sam has changed his appearance dramatically since he was created in 1964? (True or False)
2.) Which of these is not one of the original "favors of froot"?
(Grape, Lemon, Orange) 3.) What line does Toucan Sam say after, "Follow your nose"? answer-"It always knows."

The picture of F.D. Roosevelt-1.) F.D. Roosevelt was elected as president four times. (True or False) F.D.R. is the only U.S. president to be elected four times. 2.) Which of these is not associated with F.D.R.'s presidency? Fireside chats, The Marshall Plan, The New Deal 3.) What event did Roosevelt describe as "a day with will live in infamy"? Attack on Pearl Harbor (It was on December 7, 1941)

400 Images Cards,
1200 Questions,
2 Dice,
Game Board

Ages 9 to Adult
2 + Players or Teams
3 Minutes to Learn
20 Minutes to Play

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